Hi, I'm Jeffrey.

I’ve been a commercial photographer for over a decade, but I've had a camera in my hands since I was a toddler. For that, I have my father to thank. As a young soldier stationed in Germany with the U.S. Army, he bought a second-hand Leica on a whim and began to document his time in Europe. It was the start of a passion that endured the rest of his life and rippled through my own, at first feeding my youthful artistic appetite and then ultimately influencing my professional direction. To this day the metallic scent of a darkroom stirs in me a deep sense of nostalgia — and gratitude.

As an interior design photographer, my surroundings change daily but my focus remains the same: to capture the transformative work of my design clients in visually arresting ways.

I am based in Chicago but travel wherever needed, be it to a farmhouse in the rural Midwest or a ranch in Montecito—or, when the stars so align, to Kelly Clarkson’s Los Angeles mansion. Most often, I can be found inside one of Chicago’s countless impressive dwellings, doing my utmost to create photographs that communicate not just the aesthetic but the function of each singular space.

My work has appeared in Architectural Digest, Design Chicago, and Luxe magazine. More importantly, the images I create for interior designers elevate their portfolios, creating windows for their clients to peer through as they envision possibilities for their own unique living spaces.

While the product I offer is artistic by nature, the service I provide is buttoned-down and businesslike. I believe effective communication, attention to detail, and time management are as important to a successful photoshoot as exceptional lighting, styling, and composition.

A little laughter doesn’t hurt either! I love to collaborate with designers and stylists and find the most rewarding photo shoots tend to generate great images and some good conversation, too. I studied design at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and, later, earned a photography certification from the Chicago Photography Center. I have photographed food, fashion, and more than a handful of gorgeous faces. But I am most at home with my camera when photographing… well, a home.